Alocasia amazonica Bambino Squats

Harking from Southeast Asia, this popular houseplant is sometimes called African Mask. An architecturally striking and beautiful houseplant, Bambino is easily identifiable by the dark and white geometric pattern on the leaves. The leaves have almost scalloped edges, and in some cases the leaf colour appears as an almost purple-green, with a glossy texture. They become dormant over Winter when watering should be reduced. Leaves may completely die off but will come away again in Spring. As they get older they get larger and sturdier - an amazing plant!

* Light: Loves bright, indirect light.
* Water: Once weekly during growing period
* Humidity: Loves humidity
* Colour: Dark green and white veins
* Can grow to: 40cm
* Maintenance: Low

*Pots pictured are not included

Alocasia amazonica Bambino Squats

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