Ficus benghaliensis Audrey

Ficus Audrey is a new kid on the block that's going to be popular with its dark leaves and vigorous growth. Touted as the 'new Fiddle Leaf Fig', Audrey has the symmetrical structure of a Ficus elastica and the dark green matt leaves of a Lyrata.  

Like its other Ficus cousins, not only is it hardy and low maintenance, this plant will also remove chemical toxins from the air. Likes bright indirect light to keep the stem straight and nodes short. Be in quick.

* Light: Loves bright, indirect light
* Water: Weekly watering 
* Humidity: Tolerant of most situations 
* Colour: Dark green
* Can grow to: 3m
* Maintenance: Low

*Pots pictured are not included

Ficus benghaliensis Audrey

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