Frequently asked questions

Who do we sell to?

We are a plant nursery that supplies plants to wholesale customers only and you will need an ABN or an ACN. Sorry but we don’t sell to retail customers.

Our plants can be found in many of the big-box stores and independent nurseries across Australia. We also supply indoor foliage plants to plant hire companies and landscape plants for the landscape industry.

Where do we ship plants to?

We ship thousands of plants each week, Monday through Friday, across the Australian Eastern State to retail nurseries, big format stores, cross-docks, plant distributors and wholesalers.

Our customers use both Chep and Loscam pallets and racks specifically designed for plant transport.

We have modern dispatch facilities and can accommodate the largest B-Double trucks.

Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania have different biosecurity laws and at this time, we do not ship to these States.

Pre-grow contracts?

We supply some of the largest wholesale, landscape, plant hire and retail chains on a pre-grow contract basis.

We are specialist when it comes to growing stock to order. Our team works with our pre grow customers to ensure we provide the right stock in the right size, in the agreed time frame.

If you are interested in our pre-grow offering, please make contact with our sales team at or call us on +61 2 6628 1091.

What plants do we sell?

We are indoor and outdoor tropical foliage specialist and grow over 200,000 plants per annum.

Our core lines include Cordyllines, Ixoras, Dracaenas, Strelitzia, Sansevierias, Palms, Doryanthes, Yuccas, Euphorbia Ingens (cowboy cactus), large Strelitzia's, Crotons, Ficus, Scheffleras, Spathiphyllums, Zanzibar gems, Parlour palms, Rhaphis and Bangalow Palms.

Our typical pot sizes range from 100mm to 300mm. Occasionally we have special runs of larger plants in 400mm pots and larger advance landscaping trees.

What are our minimum order quantities?

We do not have minimum order quantities but with shipping costs most customers find that under one pallet of plants is uneconomic to purchase.

How can you buy plants?

If you want to place an order you can do this several ways:

Ring the office on 02 6628 1091 or call Lynne on 0406 105 626 to discuss any details you need more information on.

Email the team on with details of your order – plants required, quantity, and size and your preferred transport company.

Sign up for access to our online portal by the following links on the Trade page of this website. This gives you real-time access to our stock and plants. Once your account has been authorised you can shop online.

Lastly visit our nursery and view our stock, we are always happy to show our customers around.