Generations of Growing in the Byron Bay Hinterland 

Alstonville Plants was established by Stan and Isobel Leach in 1988 primarily as a Palm Nursery.  Stan was a pioneer in water management and the nursery developed many of the water management principals that have been adopted industry wide and to this day the nursery recycles more than 50% of the water used.

Debbie (Stan and Isobel's daughter) and her husband Ron Deckys took over the nursery in 2002 and expanded the operation into what it is today,   one of the leading tropical foliage nurseries in the country.  Debbie and Ron retired in 2019 and sold the Nursery to the current owners Lynne Sutherland and Richard Palmer, who are continuing the nursery's legacy and are passionate about the industry.

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As a wholesale plant production nursery, we specialise in indoor plants and tropical foliage such as Aspidistras, Cordylines, Ixoras, Dracaenas, Strelitzia, Ficus, Spathiphyllums, Sansevierias and Palms to name a few. Our pot sizes range from 100mm to 400mm and we current supply hundreds of retail, wholesale, plant hire and landscaping customers on a regular, ad-hoc or pre-grow contract basis. 

We have modern dispatch facilities and can accommodate the largest B-Double trucks and have multiple shipments going out to SA, ACT, VIC, NSW and QLD each week, Monday through Friday. 

Our dedicated staff are horticulture and logistics experts who pride themselves on producing high quality plants that get to our customers in perfect condition. 

Lynne Sutherland

Lynne is the Co-owner and Chief Plant Officer of Alstonville Plants.

After a successful corporate career helping businesses of all shapes and sizes bloom, she has taken her passion for plants, customers and people to the next level by leading our growing business.  Lynne is the Chair of the Northern Rivers NGINA. 

Richard Palmer

Richard is the Co-owner of Alstonville Plants and is responsible for all commercial aspects of the business.

With a background in operations management, revenue generation and working with growing businesses he has a passion for leadership and people development.


Rachael Crawford

Rachael is the Production Manager and is responsible for the day to day operations of the business ensuring our high quality foliage grows well and gets to our customers in a timely manner.