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We supply local and interstate landscapers with large quantities of stock typically used in landscape mass planting as well as some interesting architectural plants such as Doryanthes, Yuccas, Sansevieria, Euphorbia Ingens (cowboy cactus) and large Strelitzia.


We can supply plants on an

ad-hoc or pre-grow contract basis. 


We supply the major wholesalers across the eastern seaboard with a large range of indoor and outdoor foliage plants such as Cordyllines, Ixoras, Dracaenas, Strelitzia, Sansevierias and Palms that are then sold through all of the large big-box garden centres and supermarkets as well as Australia’s independent garden centres.


We can supply on an ad-hoc or pre-grow contract basis and have multiple shipments going out each week. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote to contract grow exclusive or generic lines for your business.

Plant Hire

We supply some of Australia’s largest plant hire companies with a large array of high quality indoor foliage plants such as Crotons, Dracaenas, Ficus, Sansevierias, Scheffleras, Spathiphyllums, Strelitzia, Zanzibar gems, Parlour palms, Rhaphis and Bangalow palms.


We continue to evolve our stock for plant hire adding in interesting yet resilient lines suitable for the built greenlife environment. We can supply on an ad-hoc or pre-grow contract basis. 

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