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Four Seasons In One Day

Hey everyone

Bluesfest was on over Easter up here, and so we threw on our stylish linen (because Byron dahhhling) and our workboots and headed off, as virgin Bluesfesters, to see what all the fuss was about. And oh my it was amazing! It was like a city that had popped up overnight, even if that city had teepees. It was one location where you could listen to all sort of music (obvs!), check out every type of camping gear, go shopping for things involving feathers and bamboo, have a drink or 10, test out your waterproof footwear, and buy crazy big, old, lovely trees. Yep, you’ve heard it here first – Bluesfest as alternative Trade Day where one enterprising chap brought a truck of trees over from WA! I think it was possibly extreme measures to write the Blues Fest tickets off as a tax deduction but full marks for innovation.

I fought the fomo and didn’t rush home to load up with a bunch of plants and instead enjoyed watching Jimmy Barnes and his talented family, and Crowded House which was, of course, epic. I’m wearing my Crowded House merch as I tap this out, listening to the rain showers every half hour even if the sun is shining. Maybe I should stop fighting it and accept that four seasons in 1 day is our new normal.

This week we have some amazing Cordyline cobras throwing around pink which will be perfect for Mothers Day, Ardisias that are colouring up nicely, big Lyrata, and the totems are looking generous and lush. But if you’re looking for something else, then we’ve probably got that too. We’re especially focused on clearing out our ancient Shadehouse so we can rebuild it, so there are specials to be had on Rhapis, Asplenium (nidus and Victoria), Ficus (Ruby, Bambino, Audrey), Parlour Palms and Epipremnum Devils Ivy to help clear it out.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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