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Shadehouse Clearout

Hi everyone

I cashed in my Christmas present last weekend which was a weekend in Melbourne. I timed it well and managed to get to the International Flower and Garden Show and Hamilton – a diverse cultural experience. I hadn’t been to the International Flower and Garden show for, dare I say, 24 years! It was good to see the student designs and some cracking displays from some of the local wholesalers and also to drop in and see some of our customers. It was especially good to get out of Northern Rivers where there’s been yet more flooding up here. Even our house went out in sympathy and sprang a leak. Fair to say we’re pretty well over it.

On the plus side, while it has been cooler, the days are still mid to high 20s and so we’re still getting some good growth. We’ve got some lovely big Dracaena Marley in 200mm, lots of Cordylines in 200m, some lush Bangalow Palms in 200mm and lots of Zanzibar Gems in 140mm squats.

We’re also about to knock over our largest shade house and then rebuild it - you might recall it got blown over in a recent storm and is hanging on by a thread. Whilst we’ve done a pretty good job emptying it out of the 80,000 plants in there, there’s more to go - look for some special shade house clearance specials in the attached PDF.

Talk soon


Download PDF • 227KB

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