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August - My Favourite Month

Hi everyone - Happy August

Well it’s been a typical week here of digging more things up and potting plants. Not content with new structures, we’re most of the way through replacing our main water lines and bringing our irrigation system into the 21st century. To be honest I’d have have settled for a 20th century system that I don’t have to float on the dam pontoon on a daily basis just to prime but I’ve had a bit of a sense of humour failure in that regard and so out it must go. We’ve been lucky with the weather for the most part as we’re operating on one 22k litre tank until the bigass 250k litre one gets built on Friday. I can’t wait.

The team have been lovingly tending to the Vireyas this week which are looking spectacular at the moment. Here’s a few snaps of some buds I took this morning to get you in an early spring mood. We have lots of stock ready to go out the door so check out this weeks list below.

Happy growing + keep safe


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