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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Lordie hasn’t it been cold! And just in case Melbourne hasn’t had enough drama you’ve had some storms and flooding to contend with too. We’ve been flat out planting palms this week and it hasn’t made it feel more tropical!

Did you know that we grow around 10 types of Cordyline here at Alstonville Plants? We grow mostly terminalis, or more correctly named, fruticosa varieties ranging in colour from green (Glauca), green/brown (Negra), white/brown (Miss Andrea), brown/black (Caruba Black), to reds - Rubra, Red Edge, Ruby, Cream Delight, yellows - Kiwi, and pinks - Pink Champion, Pink Cascade, and Pink Diamond. They’re well behaved but very dramatic and eye-catching, low maintenance and grow best in sun or part shade. They grow well pretty much anywhere and are a useful tool in the landscaping arsenal for instant, long lasting colour. My personal favourite is Caruba Black - it is striking, although Kiwi is a close run second lol.

After complaining about the lack of progress last week there has been a burst of activity which has made me reflect that there are two types of progress - not enough, and too much. But as one of my visitors this week said, if you’re not moving forward you’re going backwards - I am very much a subscriber to that philosophy.

This week also let me draw your attention to our vast Vireya collection comprised of 14 colours. They come in 140mm (mixed trays), 200mm and 250mm and many are in flower at the moment. Theres an urban myth that they are only good in warm climates which isn’t true. They can cope with being planted in Tasmania - but just require some overhead shelter - from the cold, and also the sun, making them a perfect for underplanting.So there’s some ideas for you and your customers - have a great week.

Forward on!


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