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Do Not Adjust Your Set

No there hasn’t been an earth tilt in Alstonville, those poles are on an angle. The Aspidistra enclosure is tantilisingly closer, yet clearly so far away – this glacial progress is here to help me become more patient. Or tense. You’ll probably be reading about it for the next 20 years.

What else has been happening Lynne, I know you’re thinking – well yesterday we did have our stocktake, went pretty well for our first digital stocktake using an app that Richard built (as you do). Good news is it confirms that we have lots of lovely stock for sale – some featured below. Last Friday I hosted 17 students from Byron Regional Community College who are enrolled in Cert 3 Horticulture – that was good fun although I was slightly surprised they’d never heard of tissue culture before. And what’s with the lack of plant name knowledge? At the other end of the spectrum I chair the local growers association here in Northern Rivers and tomorrow I’ve organised a trip to Go Grow to see a new sustainable growing media made from Pine bark that is like fairy floss, compressed and reconstituted. Its light and easy to ship, and is selling well in the US so that should be interesting to see how it is performing here. I’m also pleased to report that I didn’t find any more flow switches this week, but I haven’t given up hope yet.

Back here in Alstonville Plant land, as mentioned, lots of large stock ready to appear at your place – enjoy. Better still, order some. For those of you in Melbourne – hang in there, we are thinking of you. Kia kaha.



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