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Happy New (financial) Year!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Happy New (financial) Year everyone. I hope you're keeping warm and COVID-free. Sorry for the radio-silence - it kind of goes like this:

3.05am: ‘I really better get that newsletter out tomorrow. I’ll take some photos of hmmm.. what’s looking good at the moment, what can go to Sydney, Melbourne AND Adelaide? Is it too big, too small, too expensive, too cheap, too many, not enough....’

3.10am: ‘I wonder what’s on Twitter?’

8am: ‘Righty ho, I really am going to prioritise this bloody thing if it kills me. Let’s get a coffee before I go and and take photos before David emails me asking for it (again)’

6.30pm: 2 weeks later. ‘OMG it’s dark AND raining and I haven’t chosen my feature plants. I know, let plants do the talking’

And this week the talking plants are those for all those landscaping jobs going on at the moment - we have thousands of Xanadu in 140mm and 200mm, Selloum Hope 200mm, Portulacaria afra 140mm, Trachelospermum jasminoides 140mm, Gardenia florida 140mm and Crassula ovata and Gollum 140mm. We have just finished our Spring availability list for the next 3 months for pre-ordering large quantities of stock - If you'd like a copy please send me an email at

Happy growing


June 30th 2021 List
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