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Happy New Year! (Latest Newsletter)

Hi everyone

We hope you‘ve had a lovely break and are ready and rearing to get back amongst it. We were felled by COVID over the break which put somewhat of a dampener on proceedings. We spent Christmas day driving around fruitlessly looking for testing stations. On the plus side, we didn’t overeat or drink very much, got to binge watch some good programs and frankly didn’t do much – nowhere near what we wanted and needed to get done which now means we are very focused on our to-do list! For those of you that are interested, it was not pleasant for the older, double-vaxxed people in the house – certainly not ‘a sniffle’, knocking us out for a good 7-8 days. Happily the team were spared the pandemic (for the time being), and so we’re all back up and running. Christmas, what Christmas?

In between downpours, we are straight back into building greenhouses, potting, weeding and getting plants out to you around Australia. It’s been a bit cooler (on average) and wet over the break so everything has been living its best life. I cannot believe the growth we’ve had with some plants – it has reminded me of the Day of the Triffids!

This week I’ve attached a longer than usual list of things we have in the nursery but often-times don’t make it on because of low numbers, high demand, low (perceived) interest or just sometimes I’ve forgotten! If nothing else it serves as a reminder that while we have about 10 key lines comprised of Palms, Aspidistras, Sansevierias, Crotons, Strelitzias, Cordylines, Dracaenas, Ficus, Ixoras and Philodendrons, we do also grow a whole bunch of beautiful, weird and wonderful, and interesting other plants.

Talk soon


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