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Happy Thorsday!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Hello everyone from Thor Central, we hope you are well.

Mr AP otherwise known as Richard has just reappeared after taking advantage of the travel bubble to NZ, catching up with family and friends and just a few of the very fine cheese scones that one can only procure in NZ. Me and the team meantime have been cracking into a bunch of very satisfying things – repairing greenhouse side walls, installing wire for more hanging baskets, planting hanging baskets and other delights and next week’s extravaganza, wait for it, is our 6 monthly stocktake. I have only personally interfered with flow switches twice in the last week, with fairly drastic consequences - yep we really know how to live it large here. The good news is that the plants are getting watered, even if one lot got watered 3 times in one day. Gotta love learning new control panels….

Meantime, in plant land we have lots of indoor and tropical foliage lines still for sale here. This week let me draw your attention to the only two trees we grow: Norfolk Island Pines in 200mm and around the 90cm - 1m height mark, and to our Schefflera amate that are now taller than me, and no I am not that short! At the other end of the spectrum we also have some lovely Dracaena massangeana Burley and Monstera adansonii Monkey Mask triple planted ready to go.

Hope you all have a successful and productive week, now where else is there a flow switch…..

Till next week


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