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Here Comes The Sun ☀️

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say it’s all right…

Well the giant Spring button has been pushed and we’re into mid-20s temperatures and full-on into Spring orders. We’ve celebrated this seasonal fact with a new Kelpie pup called Reggie – she’s so far nibbled on some of my special variegated Nicolai, started gnawing on electrical cables, avoided a very long and brown-looking snake last night and scared the cat so its otherwise going well.

Our Aspidistra House is filling up, and we received our DA for a new shadehouse last week which we will start on shortly and it will be dedicated to Strelitzias (and me at this rate). The water infrastructure has reached imperceptible levels of progress and I am assured that this means they will be commissioned imminently. Either that or everyone is having a Bex and a lie-down.

But I know there’s only so much excitement you can take, and so new for you this week are Beaucarnea Pony Tails 140mm, Gardenia florida 140mm budding up with new COVID inspired haircuts, and a handful of Silver Sword 300mm totems looking amazing and in flower like many other Aroids. We have other totes amazeballs totems coming through soon too such as Epipremnum Snow Queens, Philo brasils and smaller Silver Swords in 200mm so watch this space. Check out these and more in the attached PDF.

Have a great week everyone


Download PDF • 94KB

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