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Hold My Beer

Hi everyone

Well its been a crazy old year already hasn’t it - making the last two years look like a walk in the park. Although the nursery is fine and plants have plenty of rain thanks, we have been closed this week as our team haven’t been able to get past flooded roads and our internet connection is down (although we have work-arounds).

One of our team’s house was completely submerged in Lismore and we’re thinking about how we can help his and his family’s life get back on track. There’s no doubt this is going to take a while for the local communities around here to recover from.

Yesterday I spent the day doing Zoom interviews as we need to recruit some people and it was painfully obvious to me that the best way to help the community come back is to hire people. So if you’re a buyer reading this in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere in between, there’s one thing you can do and that’s for you to keep buying Northern Rivers.

With that in mind here’s the latest list of current availability. We’ll be resuming shipping next week.

Kind regards


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