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🎶I get lockdown, I get up again

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Good morning everyone

Like many of you we continue to thank our lucky stars that we can continue operating the business as more and more of Australia heads into lockdowns including us as of a few days ago. The only casualty has been the cancellation of a quick trip back to NZ for a family wedding, but c’est la vie. The temperatures have started to pick up already with a 27 degree day last week and overnight lows of about 10. Progress on the expansion continues despite one of the lead contractors breaking his arm over the weekend. The main irrigation lines are starting to resemble the London Underground in amongst a war zone with red soil. I’m assured it will look like a nursery by this weekend….

Whilst demand for our key lines has been strong, we still have good availability of Schefflera 250mm (double planted), 250mm multi-planted Dracaenas, Philodendron Rojo Congos in 200mm, and I’m a bit biased but the Philodendron Black Cardinals are looking spectacular! If you need some wacky, gigantic Kalanchoe flapjacks in 175mm or some structural Sansevieria parva in 140mm, then we are also the place to come.

Talk soon


August 10th 2021 List
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