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Updated: Jan 5

Hi everyone

Hope you are all keeping out of mischief and enjoying the Spring and Covid demand for plants. As restrictions on movement between (and within) States start to come off, we welcome you all to come and visit – I’d just ask that you let me know so I can schedule it in. I’ve been really proud of the team here who are either double-vaxxed or on their way to be shortly. I am very mindful though that we’ve had relatively low incidences around here and want to continue to be operational – something we’re all juggling with no doubt.

We have had some great rain in the last week and some high temperatures. In the last 10 minutes alone we’ve had 9ml and thunder is booming around us – not so thrilled about that. Like a dog chasing its tail, we’re flat out continuing to fill the emptying spaces. This week we have some lovely lush Schefflera amate 250mm doubles, some lovely Philodendron Silver Swords totems in 200mm - triple planted, 175mm baskets of Epipremnum aureum Snow Queen and lots of Monstera deliciosa 200mm ready to go.

Talk soon

Kind regards


October 18th 2021 List
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