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Spring Welcome 🌿

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Hi everyone

Hope your week is going well. Reggie the dog is asleep which means I can get some work done. Bloody hell, it’s like having a hyper-active toddler back in the house. None of this frolicking around the plants business either – nup, straight through, knock ‘em over, eat them. Might have to send her back….

Next week I’ll be out of action whilst they re-locate my stomach to where it should be, but Richard will be answering the phone and Rachel, our new Production Manager will be on board from this Friday. Rachel’s background has been in production manufacturing of cheese, wine, cars and most recently manuka oil at Thursday Plantation. She loves lean manufacturing, inventory management and happily she’s no stranger to plants either. She’s looking forward to helping us gear up production for the existing and new areas, as well as continuing to improve plant quality and the way we do things around here.

This week we have some fresh Blechnum Silver Ladies in 140mm and little 100mm Peperomia caperata Black in stock – check them out online or in the attached availability list.

Kind regards


September 6th 2021 List
Download PDF • 94KB

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