• Richard Palmer

Time to Landscape!

Updated: May 17, 2021

Hi Everyone

Some of you have had the added pressure of a short week, and the rest of us have had the added pressure of a normal week lol. In amongst despatching plants in time for Mother’s Day, still trying to get the water back up, potting more Strelitzias, and propagating lots of Euphorbias and Sansevierias, we’ve also rebuilt the Alstonville Plants website where you can find these emails each week. There’s a link at the end for you to have a sneak peak.

This week we have lots of availability of Philodendrons, Monstera tauerii, Ficus, Alocasia bambino and flowering Vireyas in 140mm, 200mm and 250mm. We have lots of 140mm Crassulas and Gollums as well as Portulacaria, Xanadu and Gardenias for landscape projects – and a few long weekends coming up to use them – order them soon!



April 26th 2021 List
Download PDF • 95KB

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